FairSSL salgsbetingelser

General Terms of Sale
Valid from 11. October 2013

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from the website “fairssl.dk”, “fairssl.se”, “fairssl.net” and the company FairSSL ApS, all hereafter named as “FairSSL”. All orders with FairSSL require an acceptance of these conditions. If you as a customer do not accept the Terms of Sale, you must inform FairSSL ApSout this immediately.

The conditions also apply in the case where there are no other written agreements between you as buyer and FairSSL. All agreements concluded in English. It is possible to access these terms through our website by clicking on the "terms of sale".

The terms of sale is also included in e-mail order confirmations for all orders.

How to shop at FairSSL

a)        Ordering via the website. There are detailed descriptions of all products on our website with all the technical details, comparisons and prices. Via the website, the products can be ordered and an order approved and paid.

b)       Order via email and phone. Orders can also be started via e-mail or phone, the order will only be activated when an order confirmation and terms of sale is approved and the products are paid.

c)        Changes to an order can be made on the website, via email or phone by informing the order number. Changes are only possible when the product allows changes.


All prices on the website are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to price changes that may occur right up to delivery - including supplier price increases. VAT is added to all orders, unless the customer is located outside EU or inside EU not including Denmark with a valid VAT number.

Payment Methods

Delivery of invoices and payment reminders are made electronically to the provided invoice e-mail address or if a valid NemHandel EAN number is provided thru NemHandel online invoicing. The customer accepts that all invoices and payment reminders are sent to the provided e-mail recipient, and that no physical post is sent.

Invoices and payment reminders can be paid securely online with credit card via the payment provider ePay or by bank transfer. Payments made with bank transfers must be completed and available in FairSSL bank before 12.00 GMT+1 on the invoice due date.

Reversals of the customer's deposit will be carried out either via the credit card payment provider or by bank transfer from Denmark or Sweden within 30 days. The customer will carry any related expenses thereto including international bank transfer fees.

Payment Terms

All invoices have a standard fixed period for payment of 14 net days, any requirement for longer payment period must be preapproved by FairSSL before orders are placed.


Delayed payments will incur interest of 2% per month and late payment fees.


For customers in Sweden invoiced from FairSSL ApS, late payment fees equal to SEK 60,00 per reminder and also for companies a fixed compensation fee equal to SEK 450,00 per invoice.


For all other customers invoiced from FairSSL ApS, late payment fees equal to DKK 100,00 per reminder and also for companies a fixed compensation fee equal to DKK 310,00 per invoice.


When payment reminders are unsuccessful, the payment demand will be forwarded to debt collection “Inkasso/Kronofogden” with added fees and interest.


Retention of ownership

FairSSL retains rights to the delivered products and the right to withdraw any product delivered until the full purchase price incl. delivery costs, services and interest and any collection fees are paid in full.

By failing to record payment within 3 days net from the due date, all the products belonging to the invoice can without further notice be made invalid /withdrawn until full payment is received. All direct and indirect costs associated to products made invalid shall be borne solely by the customer. Products made invalid, may after payment is received in full be reactivated for the remainder of their product life. Product time lost due to a deactivation is not regained or reimbursed. We will always give best effort to contact the customer prior to deactivation by using provided contact information.

Documentation and guidance

If there are product descriptions and instructions for the product, they can be found and downloaded from the website. Any further information or advice from FairSSL is of a guiding nature only.

Shipping and transport

Delivery time depends on the individual product and validation of customer rights to receive the product, incl. waiting on information or authorization from the customer or certificate issuer. Delivery times specified for the product are indicative and may vary for each order.

All delivery estimates are considered time in days.

If the customer gives inaccurate or false information in connection with placing the order, the delivery time may be extended or completely stopped.

The delivery of the products are done solely electronically via e-mail or download from website. Delivery of the product from FairSSL is considered complete when the product or the products download link is sent to the customer. Shipping is free unless otherwise noted.

The risk of the goods

The risk for products purchased in FairSSL is transferred to you as a consumer at the time of delivery.


Products from FairSSL are all unique and individually designed for each customer based on the customer given information for each order. There is therefore as standard no reclamation options.


You can shop safely on FairSSL, all information transmitted via our website is secured with SSL encrypted connections that both validates the FairSSL website and confirms that all data is encrypted between our system and the customers system.
The personal information that you enter in a purchase, such as name, address, phone, email, etc., is used exclusively for the processing of an order and for future reference, future orders. All personal information is stored in our database and is accessible only to employees of FairSSL. In addition, the information necessary for the issuance of a product is transferred encrypted to the product issuer. In addition to the personal information given by the customer, the customer's IP address, and the website referering the customer is stored. There is only temporary cookies to the extent that the website uses it during a session. These cookies contain no personal information.

Privacy Policy

When the customer places an order in our shop, their given information is stored on our system. We store your name, address, phone number, email address and if possible. other information you enter. In addition to the personal information we log also the customer's IP address, and the website he or she may have clicked through to FairSSL through.

Your information is in our system, so that we can send you your products and partly to find your previous purchases and thus giving you the best possible support. Phone calls to and from FairSSL will be recorded for your safety, internal training, order confirmation and for product validation purposes. Only employees of FairSSL has access to the information entered and the information is only shared with FairSSL ApS, FairSSL ApS and product issuers when necessary, no data is disclosed to other parties. All data is saved for up to five years. All personal data is sent encrypted thru our website or unencrypted thru e-mail between the client and FairSSL and are generally saved in our systems unencrypted. You as customer always have the possibility of insight to your own data and you may object to a registration under the rules of the Privacy Act. For payments by credit card, credit card information is sent encrypted to our payment provider, FairSSL does not have access to your card or payment information.


All deliveres from FairSSL are customized to the client with the information given from the customer; therefore as standard no return is possible. All orders require the customer’s approval of the sales terms and waiving the right to cancel the order, to be able to begin the order immediately. If the customer does not wish to waive their right to cancel the order, they must inform FairSSL ApS about this when placing the order or no later than 1 hour after the order is placed, the order will then be put on hold until the right to cancel the order has expired.


a)        Products that include a specific return policy will have so stated in the product description on the website and or in the order confirmation/invoice.

b)       The return policy will begin on the exact time; the order is completed by making the product available to the customer either directly or by providing a link to the product.

c)        If a customer is to use a return policy, the customer must notify FairSSL by e-mail or phone, no later than within the return policy stated period from the start time defined in the previous item.

d)       The customer shall bear any costs associated with the returning of products.

e)        Only products related to an order may have a return policy, services performed during the order are all non-refundable.



FairSSL provides free web-based and e-mail support for all products. Support will when possible be provided in the following languages, Danish, Swedish and English. There may be times where only English support is available.

FairSSL always attempts to begin support as soon as possible, with the target of maximum 3 hours within normal opening hours, but can not guarantee the starting of support or a solution of support cases within a specific time frame. The support results will be directly dependent on the customers’ ability and willingness to comply with given directions and ability to describe the problem.

Extended support is included for some products and may be purchased for the products without it. Extended support is clearly shown in the website product description on products that do include it and if purchased will be clearly stated on order confirmation and invoice details. Extended support includes phone support, e-mail support, chat support. Extended support does not include remote assistance i.e. thru TeamViewer, VPN, website, RDP, etc. if this is needed please contact us for fixed pricing depending on the servertype. Extended support does not include assistance locally on premises, if this is desired please contact us for more information.


If FairSSL assesses that the customer is unable or unwilling, to follow support directions within reasonable time (i.e. answer time above 5 working days, more than 10 emails or more than 1 hour phone support, for 1 support case), or the support case is not directly related to the SSL product (i.e. server configuration), FairSSL may decide to abort the support and offer one of the following alternatives.

a)        Remote TeamViewer installation support, if the problem is directly related to the SSL product, at a fixed price starting at DKK 500,00.

b)       Remote TeamViewer and phone support at a rate of DKK 500,00 per started 30 minutes.

c)        Support directly from the product issuers support department.

d)       If within 28 days from issuing of product, cancelation of and refunding of SSL product.

e)        Cancellation of and partial refunding of product. Calculated by 50% of products total price times remaining full months on the product divided by total months on product.


Limitation of Liability

FairSSL is not responsible for any financial loss, whether direct or indirect, suffered by the customer because of the customer's use of FairSSL products.
These also include client losses caused by interruption, disruption, inadequate controls, discrepancies between the product and the customer's hardware and software.
FairSSL is also not responsible for any losses arising from unauthorized access to customer data systems, including data on the client or third party servers.
FairSSL also disclaims responsibility for the content of the information which the customer receives or sends on the Internet, this also applies to the correctness, legality and merit of the information.

Producers of certificate products sold by FairSSL, may have financial guarantees included on transactions carried out using these products. Objections or claims against these guarantees are to be made directly against the manufacturer by the customer himself. FairSSL does not provide financial guarantees for the products and no claims or compensation for their abuse, direct or indirect losses can be applied FairSSL.

To the extent that FairSSL ApS according to Danish law is liable to the purchaser, FairSSL liability shall be limited to a maximum that could constitute invoice sum of the delivered goods, which forms the basis for claiming damages and does not cover damage to connected equipment and / or indirect losses such as lost wages, transport costs, operating losses, installation costs, etc. FairSSL assumes no liability as a result of the buyer's legal relationships with a third party. In connection with the termination of a purchase the buyer can not demand higher price than the current market price prevailing at the time of termination.


Any disputes regarding this Agreement, or circumstances arising out of the Agreement shall be resolved by negotiation. If this does not lead to results, the dispute shall be settled under Danish law, in the district court in Copenhagen as the agreed venue with the usual reference and appeal before the Judicial Code rules.